Monday, January 7, 2008

Bring On 2008 (Shout Out to Sarah)

So this year, I rung in 2008 with many of the same companions as last year (I consider this to be a great thing). And to make things even better, we had an addition of some wonderful new friends. Em, Chris, Jen, and Jon joined us again and Clint and Sarah, his beautiful girlfriend from California, graced us with their presence.

Sarah just moved here 2 days before New Years and we couldn't be happier to have her here!!! I'm especially grateful to have another girl here in Gtown (although I know I'll probably lose her to Tates Creek eventually too). Sarah is a wonderful addition!!! She enjoys all of the same stuff as us (ANTM, BW3s, shoes, SATC, playing games, an intense love of sports, ice cream, girly movies, pedicures, and fun in general) and we are thoroughly enjoying helping with the adaptation to KY life. I am sure that 2008 will be fabulous as we ring it in with a new favorite.

Bobseys enjoying Sarah (and TJ)

Mark and Chris treasuring their time together
(Chris is Nicholasville-ing his new hat in this pic...we love him despite!)

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