Monday, January 7, 2008


I'm in a Bunco group with a bunch of fellow Scott Co. teachers (I can hear my mom snickering and making comments about my age right now) and we meet once a month. This month was my month to host and I had everyone over tonight to my house. This was fun because I haven't had a reason to have many of my co-workers over to our house.

Tonight turned out to be an even better night for me because I was apparently on fire tonight. I had 3 Buncos which I must say is not an easy task. In addition to this, I tied another co-worker for most wins! I let her take the prize $ for most wins, but I came out $20 richer!

If you've never played before, Bunco is quite possibly the most mindless game ever created. It was pretty much invented as an excuse for teachers to get together and talk. However, for a highly competitive person like myself, it's another event in which I get highly aggressive. I've really had to catch myself sometimes as I try to partner up with people that might help me win (not that there's a particular skill for rolling dice) and I sometimes find myself getting frustrated when people get too focused on talking rather than rolling (an unavoidable side effect with a bunch of teachers). I found this and think I might need to get it made into a t-shirt.

What do you think, is this a problem?

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