Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Intro to 'Nati

As I've said before, my co-worker's girlfriend, Sarah, moved here from Sacramento less than a month ago and Em and I felt it was vital that she be formally introduced to our favorite city, Cincy. With the long weekend available, we took Sarah up for the whole day to let her in on some of our favorite things to do.

Of course one day was not nearly enough time to do everything, but we did eat at both Skyline and LaRosa's, we drove in over the river so she could see the skyline, we went by Paul Brown and Great American, we went up to Mt. Adams, we went to Newport Aquarium, went shopping, and even re-visited Channel 9 news to watch my brother at work on the Saturday 6 o'clock news. We had a great time!

Sarah tried her first 3-way (chili) and coney.
The first bite was interesting, but she fell in love on second bite.

Em, Sarah, and I at the top of Mt. Adams. It was cold!!!

In the mouth of a shark at Newport Aquarium.

I touched a starfish (along with many other sea creatures that day)!

Em and Sarah touching a horseshoe crab and starfish
(Sarah was a bit anxious)

A shark (I touched his smaller friend later).

Take note at how close we are...it's a good thing we sat so close...

Sarah "feeding" the birds. She makes a nice statue.

Em, Jen, and I pushing with all of our might. We thought it'd be easy!

All 4 of us squeezed in a bubble. We had a great time at the Aquarium.
Jen found her name amongst a wall of mugs.

Waiting for the 6 o'clock news.

Daniel doing his job (he's in the black hoodie)

Here's your new Channel 9 news team!

To be fair to Jen, we're planning a trip to Nashville soon.

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