Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One Tree Hill Returns

The wait is over. After many months of wondering what could happen on the new season of OTH, I was satisfied with a 2 hour premiere tonight. I anxiously anticipated the 8-10 block tonight to catch back up with one of my favorite shows 4 years from where the last season left off.

A few years back, Cameron introduced me to this show and I will forever love and hate her simultaneously for getting me so hooked on a show that none of my friends (other than Cameron) actually watch. I have no one to talk about the show with even though I love it as much as I do.

It was great to tune in to see where my favorite characters picked up. My absolute favorites are Nathan and Haley played by James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Galeotti.
Does anyone else watch this show? Cameron, what were your thoughts?


Cameron said...

i love that i got you into one tree hill. i've decided that's what i'm good for in life. i get my friends hooked on shows that they weren't exactly wanting to get hooked on. i recently got Fred hooked on Prison Break and he kinda loves/hates me too because of that. hehe oh well.

i didn't love the first episode so much just because it was so sad and i needed something to work out for somebody. but i just ADORED the second one. me & lewis both love one tree hill so it helps that he is actually happy about watching it, too!! haha! we need to have a one tree hill party. i'm trying to get paul to start watching all the seasons!

Maria said...

I agree about the second episode. Jamie is just absolutely adorable.

I think this would be a perfect show for Paul. This truly is right up his alley!