Saturday, January 12, 2008

Grab a brush and come on down...

Today I'm putting on my worst clothes and I'm going to help my family paint. As much as they feed me...I figured it was time to pitch in.

Actually, I'm very excited about lending a hand at my old casa. My parents are touching up my old bedroom (my mom's reading room now) with a fresh new coat of white paint. The biggest and most exciting project though is what they're doing to my brother's old room. They're turning his old room in the basement into my dad's sports room. They've also stripped the wallpaper off the walls in my brother's bathroom. The bathroom will now have UK border and UK shower curtain. The sports room will have 2 white walls, a red wall (for all of his Cincinnati Reds memorabilia) and a UK blue wall (for all things UK).

I'm so happy my parents are doing this and Mark, Em, (maybe Jen), and I are lending a hand today to see if we can knock it out in less time. My parents deserve the best in the world and I'm happy they're doing something really cool for themselves.

Wish us luck. It should be fun!

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mom said...

You guys are the best!!!
Thanks for all your help. The rooms are finally finished and put back together. If I must say so myself, the sports room in the basement is so cool. Basically a sports memorbilia shrine to Maria and Daniel. But Doug and I love it that way!! Where else could you find a picture plaque with Maria and Daniel playing on the same Marlins t-ball team? Too cute! Everyone must come and check it out.
Thanks again for all your painting arms and lots of laughs.