Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Holidays from the Bennetts!

Love, Mark, Maria, and Guinness

*Many of you will be receiving New Years cards from the Bennett clan this year*

Also, notice Guinness' Bengals jersey!

Tacky Christmas Sweater Competition 2008

Some of you have already seen these, but for those who haven't I thought I would share my pictures from the Tacky Christmas Sweater Competition between myself and one of my dear co-workers, Jacob Brown. Last year Jacob wore some absolutely horrible sweaters for an entire week and I told him that I would join him this year in a friendly competition.

Now, since we work at a school where some teachers could unknowingly beat us, we had to refer to our competition as the "Spirited Holiday Outfits" competition. Jacob and I were both featured on the morning newscasts and each class voted. The students and teachers really got into it!

Day One
This one came with a little help from my mom. While I didn't win, the results were much closer than you might think.

Day Two
I channeled my inner 80s on this one with the help on one of my co-workers' old applique sweaters. Jacob won on this day after a late costume change when he saw how I came to play. All of the co-workers said I should have won on this day. You can't see in the picture very well that I have light up Santa earrings AND giant Christmas tree earrings. My ears still hurt!

Day Three
I won this day hands down!!! I had the jumper with the giant vest, the velvet purse and shoes, the elf hat, a light up necklace, and Christmas light earrings. This day helped my clinch the popular vote for the week while Jacob clinched the electoral vote.

I still considered the week successful and I honestly had about 10-15 sweaters that I didn't even wear (I have some generous co-workers!), but unfortunately we had 2 snow days that week so it cut our competition shorter by 2 days.

Hope you enjoy these priceless photos!!!