Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Alright, if you ever been to any sporting event with me, you know my intense disdain for the song below (you have to get about 1:50 in before you'll recognize the song).

This is a song by Zombie Nation and the song is titled Kernkraft 400. Mark is a HUGE fan of techno and to say the least, I am not! It drives me crazy...but that doesn't keep him from trying to put techno on every chance he gets in the car. I'm getting beside the point...

Anyways, despite my disdain for techno, I still just do not understand what the obsession is with this song in the sports world. I don't know if it was on Jock Jams years ago and it just stuck or what. It is on the playlist of any and every team. Even my beloved Bengals overplay this song. In fact, that is where my hatred for the song began. You see, at Bengals games, they play this chant whenever the opposing team scores and they are kicking back to the Bengals. Ugh. I heard it way too much during losing seasons and it will forever have that negative feeling associated with it.

Well, the Bengals aren't the only ones to play it. I have heard this song at EVERY other sports event I have ever gone to since I recognized the song. And sometimes, they play it more than once. Take the classy Mississippi State team for example. Last night, during their game against UK, they played this chant five times. Yes, you read that correctly, FIVE TIMES!!!! I did count because I noticed every time I heard it. Also, my family recognizes my hatred for the song and now when they hear it, they send me a text to let me know.

Seriously, it's an epidemic! This post truly has no other purpose than for me to vent on how much I would like to disconnect this song with the sporting world and to have this chant get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You're welcome!

Now that you know, you will hear this song EVERYWHERE!!!