Thursday, January 24, 2008

SuperNanny: Gtown Style

I don't normally watch this show, but last night was the episode that they taped in Georgetown.

I really wanted to tune in for a couple reasons:
a) To see if I knew the family (working in the public school system usually guarantees that)
b) To see how many of the places I recognized
c) To see if I knew anyone else in the background (also highly likely)

I recognized the dad a little bit (but everyone looks familiar here) and knew which school the boys went to, they visited my Kroger, Evans Orchard and the Bengals training camp at the college (I was especially excited to see 2 of my Bengals...), and I did see some people I knew (they were walking down an aisle at Kroger)

It was a crazy episode and very sad, but frustrating. Of course it ended happily. Now that dad and his 3 boys will be recognized EVERYWHERE! It's such a small town.

(Now I'm just waiting for my Louisville Extreme Home Makeover to air next month)

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