Sunday, April 19, 2009

Best Buds

Jacob had Dozer in his crate Saturday while Guinness was out and roaming (I tend to keep the back door open on nice days). They tend to play too hard at times when unsupervised so I left Dozer in his crate while I was getting ready upstairs. This is what I saw when I came downstairs....

Too funny!

Wedding Coming Soon...

This weekend, since Em was feeling on the up and up, we were able to work on some of the wedding stuff. The project of the day was to prepare the centerpieces for the tables as much as possible.

Em is using glass jars that she got off and filling them with all sorts of stuff. We had a little hot tub party for all the jars as we waited for most of the adhesive and labels to get soft. We transported, soaked, peeled, organized, and prepped 57 glass jars yesterday.

Here is a preview of what one may see at the wedding.

The bride-to-be hard at work!

On a side note, my dress is paid for in full and I am awaiting it's arrival in the next couple weeks. I can't wait to see how good they look!

47 days and counting...

Passover and Easter

This year, we celebrated Passover at an annual dinner that Amy and Micah put together for all of their friends. We ate a really cute little diner in downtown Winchester and enjoyed good food and good company. I'm really glad Mark and I could make it this year.

The healthy members of the BLC at Passover

A few days later, Mark and I went with my parents up to Indiana for Easter weekend. We stopped in Indianapolis on Friday night and spent most of the day in Ft. Wayne on Saturday with both sides of the family.

Mark reading Twig to the Abba Dabba monkeys

Trinity playing with Easter eggs

We travelled back that night to have a LATE dinner with Daniel on the way through Cincy. On Sunday, after Mark and I went to church with my parents and Jordan, we went to have lunch at Mark's parents' house. Carmen pulled out all the stops as usual and it was great to see the family (although sad because Ticean and Amy weren't there).

The Easter holiday was better than usual for me this year. I'm not really sure what it was, but I really enjoyed the holiday and all of the time with family and friends.

A Night With Paula

As an early birthday present (very early), Jen took me a few weeks ago to see Paula Deen at Xavier University in Cincinnati! We went up with some friends from Williams-Sonoma and we just all had a great time! Our early arrival time helped us get front row seats and yes, I did get a hug from Paula herself!!!!

What a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend!

Me with my signed copy of Paula's new cookbook.

Jen with Pam and Marsha
Paula herself.

Paula and her husband, Michael.

To read more about it, check out Jen's blog.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break Weekend

The last weekend of my spring break was mainly spent with Mark, Matt, Jordan, and his sister Lindsey. We hung out Friday night and had a really great cookout Saturday night while watching the NCAA Final Four. My kinda night!

I absolutely love this picture! I especially love the fact that Jordan and I were the only ones who didn't get the memo to make stupid faces!

However, on Saturday during the day, Mark and I went on a tour of Woodford Reserve. You have to know at this point that Mark and I are huge dorks and absolutely love museums and tours of any kind. We are currently trying to complete the Bourbon Trail.

It was such a nice day Saturday and it was great to be outside doing something. For $5 a person, Mark and I were able to enjoy the history behind KY bourbon in Woodford County. They walked us through all of the steps including the copper triple distilling process (it's what make Woodford Reserve unique). Finally, at the end, we got to sample the bourbon as well as bourbon balls. YUM!!!

My cute husband taking in all of the knowledge when it comes to making bourbon.

Me standing next to 7,500 gallons of yeast feasting and creating what would later before bourbon.

Woodford Reserve is the ONLY distillery that uses strictly copper in its triple distillery

They transfere the barrels by tracks solely. No energy required!
Our favorite part of the tour. All the barrels are stored for approximately 7 years. When you walked into the storehouse there was the smell of bourbon sitting still for a LONG time. They call this "Angel Share" because of how heavenly it smells.

It's really hard to see the date on the barrels, but it says
FILL DATE: 11-20-01

November 20th is our anniversary. Although this barrel was filled 3 years BEFORE we got married. I was in high school when they filled this!

Kinda rough picture of me with no make-up but I'm showing off the glass they gave us our samples in. I'd already eaten my bourbon ball!

I had a wonderful weekend with my adorable hubby and we had really enjoyed our weekend with our friends!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

World Autism Awareness Day

Today is also World Autism Awareness Day.

As a teacher, students with autism are near and dear to my heart. Over the last 6 years, I've worked with a few different children with autism and my heart definitely goes out to the families that struggle on a day to day basis.

If you work with kids or have kids or plan on having kids, you should make yourself aware of autism, its signs, and how it affects both the child and family.

I've included some sites below.

Learn the Signs. Act Early.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today is my mom's birthday!

Here's a picture of us together at Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville recently. My mom is one of my best friends and I am so thankful for everything she is in my life.

I hope your day is extra special, Mom!

Happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Cake to Celebrate the Wildcats

OK, I have featured on here more than once. Within the last week they featured a cake made for our very own University of Kentucky.

Now, just as a reminder, these pictures are only of cakes professionally made. This one in particular is a CCC (cupcake cake) which I despise as a teacher just about as much as Jen, the creator of Cake Wrecks. Please note, I LOVE cupcakes. However, I do not love them when parents bring them in and they are slathered with icing (I don't care for much icing) that is hot pink and electric blue or really any other color for that matter.

OK, I digress, I figure that in celebration of the new coach for UK basketball, I should go out and buy a cake that shows the Kentucky wildcat. Here's what was on Cake Wrecks.


Oh my....


Kate in E-town

Earlier this month, the BLC took a day trip to E-town to see Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate + 8. We had a wonderful times with lots of laughs and we even got to meet Kate. For more on our trip, check out Jen's blog here.

2 out of 3

OK, who has the two sickest friends in the world???
Oh, that's right. That'd be me!

My two best friends are currently out of commission. Jen had a tonsillectomy, which has been anything but routine. Every complication that could go wrong has. And to top that off, Em has mono. That's right, mono. These two ladies are bundles of problems!

I hate it for both of them because for there is a lengthy time of recovery for both of these two active ladies. To my two dames, feel better VERY soon! Being on spring break for a week kinda stinks when the two people you do things with are at home in bed.

Love you both!