Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanksgivings 3 & 4

The rest of my Thanksgivings went great! We spent Saturday with Mark's family and Sunday with my family. Coincidentally, both days were also spent watching football, Cats and Bengals, respectively. Both days were also a ton of fun and spend with the people I love.

As I have seen others do, I have pondered and come up with some things I have to be thankful for this, herebeit, a week late:

1. A marriage to a wonderful man with whom supports me, nurtures me, and loves me everyday for years now.

2. A growing family who I love and feel truly comfortable with. I have 3 great sets of parents and lots of brothers and sisters.

3. Friends who know me and love me just the same.

4. 25 kids who drive me crazy and make me fall in love with them. They test my patience, but I feel myself growing....hopefully.

5. My Grandpa's cancer being in remission and my Grandma's strength and courage to fight.

6. A warm home to come home to each day.

7. My many blessings (car, food, clothes) that I tend to take for granted WAY too much.

8. And finally, but most importantly, a relationship with a God who loves me more than I can understand. A relationship that keeps growing despite all of my shortcomings and the ability for an amazing God to love a selfish, spoiled, often ungrateful girl like me.

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mom said...

And I am thankful for my wonderful daughter who can express her appreciation for 8 incredible areas of her life.