Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Revenge

Every year, Mark's family has a Christmas party with a gift exchange. This is just supposed to be a $10 gift. Now, it's not supposed to white elephant. Every year, I spend all of this time agonizing over the perfect gift to bring that I think anyone would enjoy/appreciate. Every year, no one really likes my gift and I go home with something that I don't enjoy/want. So....this year, I brought this as a gift...
That's right, the Ultimate Origami Set complete with an illustrated book and 200 pieces of paper for all of your folding needs. This can be purchased at Waldenbooks for the low, low price of $9.99.

What a steal!

This year, I got....

....a fondue pot!

I actually wanted this. I was so glad no one else wanted it. But we have parties all the time and I thought it would be perfect for the After Christmas Party this year. Ticean and Amy brought the fondue pot because they already had one and it was a gift at one of their showers. I was happy to receive it.

I actually came away pleased this year.

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