Friday, December 21, 2007

Bake Night 2007, pt. 1

As stated in the previous post, I was doing some extensive baking on Monday night. Instead of buying everyone I work with a meaningless gift, I decided I wanted to carry on a tradition done in the Durick household throughout my childhood, baking various treats and delivering them in tins to friends and family.

Overall, this is very cost efficient and I absolutely love to bake so I recruited Em to help me for the night as we baked and baked and baked. We got a late start, but got a LOT done in a short time.

Me baking fudge. I look TIRED!

The results. Peanut butter fudge, regular fudge, and toffee fudge. Yum!

Em was baking up a storm, but in this pic she's picking up my slack by cleaning the dishes. She's amazing!

I think the favorite of the night....peanut butter blossoms!

There's some brownies in the background as well.

Em and I decided these are 2 essentials to a good baking night.

My Russian army or "Natasha Balls" aka Russian Tea Cakes.
(Durick tradition. I'm surprised to hear how many people have never had these!)


In all, we made apple nut bread, brownies, PB blossoms, 3 types of fudge, Cranberry cookies (a bust), Russian Tea Cakes, and chocolate covered pretzels in 4 hours!

P.S. We're pretty awesome!


Kerry said...

Um, you can bring whatever you baked for me to church on Sunday. Just no chocolate. The peanut butter fudge looks good though - I'll have that. :) Merry Christmas!

Jennifer said...

PS: I all are both pretty awesome