Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to Us!

This year, Em proposed the idea of enjoying a cabin for a weekend as a Christmas gift to our boys. Mark and I love to spend time away, especially enjoying a cabin, so we thought this would be a pefect Christmas gift to each other. We went to Natural Bridge 5 Star Cabins and stayed in Rocky Top (yes, Mark stayed despite the name, but we vowed to bring a sign that says "Big Blue Cabin" next year to cover up the name). We had a FABULOUS time. Honestly, it was of the funnest weekends I've ever had!

First, we packed everything into my tiny Corolla...

Upon arrival, the sign told us everything we needed to know for the weekend... After a night of hot tub and fun, we hiked at Natural Bridge for about 4 hours. Here's all of us at a cave...
Em and Chris in Fat Man's Misery as we got closer to the Bridge...
Every sign that said "Keep Off" was basically an inviation to Mark and Chris to enjoy.
Em and I sitting at the top of Natural Bridge looking down.
All 4 of us at what we thought was Lover's Leap overlooking Natural Bridge (in the background). It turned out to be just a ledge that was part of Laurel Ridge.
We came to a very muddy path on Laurel Ridge from all the rain the day before. Em and Chris were our guides and came up with a great way to avoid mud piles. (On the way back, we just walked right through them). Mark showing his best ANTM pose as he climbed a tree....

My view down Devil's Gulch.

Chris and Mark balancing the Balanced Rock.

Mark and I at Lover's Leap. This is one of my favorite pictures of the weekend!

It was so nice to get away from all of the Christmas busy hustle and bustle and really enjoy each other for Christmas. At church, they've talked about "rethinking Christmas" and I think we really got to do that this year. This was our gift to each other and it was so much more wonderful than any trinket that could be bought at a store.

We had perfect weather and perfect company! We hope to make this an annual tradition together!

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