Sunday, November 4, 2007

Things You Must Know

I've seen these done on others' pages so I thought this would be fun. Since I'm new to blogging, I think there's just a few things you must know about me. Here are the basics that can sum me up:

1. Three years ago, I married Mark Andrew Bennett, my best friend. We met in high school (although he was a Commodore and I was an Eagle) and started dating at the end of our senior year. We've been together since we were 17. He's the kindest, funniest, and most gifted person I know. I can not sing his praises enough. While marriage has proved to be testing at times, he gave me the happiest day of my life on November 20, 2004. He's my world!

2. I am a 3rd grade teacher at Anne Mason Elementary in Georgetown, KY. This room is where I spend more time than any sane person should. This is my second year teaching (last year I taught Kindergarten at a small private Christian school) and this year, I got my dream job. I live and breathe teaching and it is my true passion. There are days that I question my calling, especially with all the school politics, grading hundreds of papers, and parent-teacher conferences. But when it's simply me and my kids, I come alive!

3. I LOVE my family! I come from a wonderful family. Before I donned the Bennett name, I was a Durick and I'm very proud of that (although I wasn't too torn up to give up that name). My parents are two of my favorite people and I have a wonderful little brother, Daniel. I have some of the best times with my family (my brother's beautiful girlfriend Jen included). We get together every Sunday for lunch with football and our vacations are enviable. After Sunday lunch, we eat dinner with my other family. I married into the best family and my in-laws are amazing! This includes two other sets of Bennetts (Bruce and Darla; Ticean and Amy), the Rices (Michael and Carmen), and the Hamiltons (Chris and Kimberly). They have truly welcomed me into their lives and we have so many laughs together!

4. I have the two best friends a girl could ask for. These girls are my heart and soul. I would be lost without them (or at least going crazy). They are my shoulders to cry on, my comic relief, and my release. Em and Jen have known me since middle school and we have seen the best and very worst of each other. We've had our ups and downs through the years, but regardless, they have been constant. They have been through and seen everything with me. On any given day you may find us together and if that is the case, fun times will surely ensue. We are so different on so many realms and I think that's what makes us click.

5. I am obsessed with the Cincinnati Bengals. Enough said. Seriously, I get giddy when football season is upon us. The sky is bluer, the grass is greener, the world is just better. I love football, especially the Bengals, no matter how good or bad they are. I am a loyal fan who spends my Sundays in front of the TV cheering and yelling at Palmer, Housh, Chad, Rudi, and Marvi. If I miss a game, you can be sure it would have to be for something REALLY important! Therefore, without needing to really be said, let me state that I absolutely LOATHE the Pittsburgh Steelers. There are not a lot of things that I would verbally battle someone on, but that team just gets my blood going. At this point, I can't even talk about them anymore....

You could probably say my love for the Bengals stems from my love of Cincinnati (or vice versa). There aren't many months that go by where I don't make at least one trip up to Cincy. This could be for many reasons, any of which could be for shopping, concerts, shows, visiting churches, visiting friends or my brother, watching fireworks, eating Skyline or Graeters, site seeing, frequenting the museums or the aquarium, participating in the Channel 9 11 o'clock news, attending a Bengals or Reds Game, or my favorite...just because I've got nothing better to do. I've even gone up to 3 times in 4 days before. In fact, both last year's and this year's wedding anniversary was spent as a weekend in Cincy. Although this year, per my request, we will also be attending the Bengals/Cardinals game (I warned you I was obsessed). I love Cincy and I love everything about it. Good news, Mark and Em are obsessed as I am so I don't feel so silly.

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