Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bengals vs. Bills

Another disappointing loss for Bengals fans today. Only the loyal have faith at this point (I am one of those few).

The Bills started out with a touchdown on the first drive (point good), but the Bengals answered back with a TD by Housh. So now we're 7-7. Both teams get two more drives each before the 1st quarter ends.

Cincinnati starts out the 2nd half with an unproductive drive. The Bills come back down and get within 1 yard with a 1st and goal and only manage to get off a FG. I was proud of our defense here. Then, very impressively, Glenn Holt returns the kick for a 100 yard TOUCHDOWN! To the fans it gives us the boost we need. Graham with the kick is good! 14-10. Bills drive for a 21 yard FG, 14-13. And that's where we end it for the half. Other than a fumble by Chad (who is really struggling) and poor defensive coverage by Joseph, we look good overall.

Bengals do nothing on the next drive, but the Bills come down for a 29 yard FG. Now we're at 14-16. I'm getting a little nervous, but Palmer throws to Jeremi Johnson for a TOUCHDOWN to answer putting us up 21-16 with the extra point by Graham. Bills have the ball, but nothing else is done in the 3rd quarter.

Bills start out the 4th quarter with a 38 yard FG turning the game to 21-19 (the game is too close). Bengals and Bills have two short drives then the Bengals have another chance and make nothing happen. Bills have been running all day, but make a pass for a TD and score the extra point leaving us biting our nails at 21-26 with 5:57 left in the game. Bengals do NOTHING with their next drive (do I seem like I'm repeating myself?) and the Bills have the ball yet again. Lynch gets the ball and breaks a tackle (he literally had two Bengals at his feet and he stepped right out of it) to run the ball in from the Buffalo 45! Are you kidding me??? Extra point is good so we're at 21-33 with only 2:14 to do anything (which at this point is too little, too late). Palmer throws to C. Johnson who dives for the ball even though he sees oncoming danger and is sandwiched between two Bills defenders. Johnson doesn't move much other than his legs and all the Bengals and Bills players surround him and pray for him. He is carried off on a stretcher. Knowing not much can be done at this point, the Bengals carry on only to have the ball INTERCEPTED with :18 left.

It was a tough loss at Ralph Wilson Stadium today. There's been a lot of tough losses. 6 to be exact! Something HAS to happen. We're losing way to many games that we should have because we fall apart. I hope Marvi can get things together up there in Cincy before we play the Ravens again next week. If not, my dad will throw a fit. The Ravens are one of the two games we've actually won this year! I know we can do it. Like I said, I'm loyal through and through, but man, I'd love to see a win.

If nothing else, I better see a win on the 18th when they play the Cardinals because Mark and I will be in attendance and I need to see a victory!

I hope my Fantasy team at least wins this week...

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