Sunday, November 11, 2007

Longest Post Ever, Lots of Pics...Worth the Read

Jen and I spent Saturday in Louisville with big plans. We were minus our other key member (Em), but we managed OK knowing that she was with her "cracker" for the weekend. Let's just take a timeline journey of our crazy Saturday...

For Christmas, Jen bought me tickets to see Paula Deen at the Palace Theatre in Louisville. One thing you must know, Jen and I share an immense love for all things Paula. We've already seen her once this year and we got hooked. And let me say, I don't think I could receive a gift quite as amazing as this one. When I say we were were 3rd row center...

...I mean, we were 3rd ROW CENTER!!!! Look how close we are!

She's so cute with Michael! They were so funny and just had a great time!

I even got video of her dancing!

After seeing Paula, Jen and I went for one of the Ville's staples, The Old Spaghetti Factory. We were STARVING at this point because we had just been subjected to smelling all of Paula's marvelous cuisine creations only to leave on empty stomachs. We were ready to eat!

Jen and I enjoyed vanilla and spumoni ice cream after our wonderful meals.

We even had our leftover spaghetti put in a to-go box and stumbled upon a brilliant idea...spaghetti in a cup. A wonderful meal on the go. What do you think?

(However, FYI, do NOT reheat those cups in the microwave...they char)

Here's Jen's Honda waiting instruction while parked hastily outside the door as we got directions for its next destination.

This is where it gets real fun! After dinner, we decided to do some exploring in Louisville. We had heard Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was in Louisville building a house for a 19-year-old boy and his family. He was born without eyes and cannot extend his arms or legs. He is a wonderful musician and plays in the U of L marching band. He's confined to a wheelchair so his dad wheels him around during the performance. I had heard one of the projects was to remodel and add lights to the U of L's marching band field. We set off to see if anything was going on. Everyone had left for the day except for a great security guard named Richard who let us on the field.

He even took pictures for us!
Here we are displaying the new work done to the field.

He told us we should go look at the house and gave us directions. He told us who we could go talk to, so naturally, we headed over.

Here we are with our new shirts, hard hats, gloves, and lanyards on the shuttle bus to go work.

They gave us security vests and flashing cones and we spent the evening patrolling the street's traffic.
People need to slow down!!!

(I got really good at directing traffic) We made a great team.

We were so much fun and got to know all the security guards. Here we are with Robert a.k.a "Rico" (We gave him that name).

After being "angels" and delivering all the free Wendy's you could want to all of security, we got access into the "Production Crew Only" area.

Becuase we were so much fun, the head Security guy (I won't say his name so that he can keep his job) took us back to see Ty's secret project tent. I totally know what the secret room looks like!

Needless to say, we had the time our lives and learned all the inside behind the scenes things. We ended up staying and helping for about 4 hours. I finally got home around 4 AM.

Here's a few more pictures from our amazing night that was full of adventure.

Snapping some good pics in all my excitement.

Standing in the middle of the logo in centerfield.

In true worker form, I'm taking a break. On the phone with either Brittany or Jordan telling them what was going on.

The beautiful house for the Hughes family.

In the VIP tent.

Everyone there was so generous and so kind to us! We had one of the best nights ever and the adventure was completely worth it. I definitely have many memories and I wish the Hughes family the very best! Glad I got to be a part of it!

If I missed anything, you can read about it here at Jen's blog.

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