Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Fun!

Here's some spooky treats and some beautiful babes from the Stone Age. Just in case you don't already know, Jen, Em, and I had a Halloween Costume Party last Friday, October 26th. We went all out with food, drinks, and decorations. And just to make sure we kept the party at its best, we had some wonderful costumes if I do say so myself. Em and I made our own (yes, I said MADE) as in measured ourselves, bought and cut out the fabric, and sewed it with a sewing machine (except for the buttons and hooks which were done by hand). They turned out well and suited us nicely.

Jen was Jane Fonda, which was a crowd favorite.

"Come on and get physical, physical...I wanna get PHYSICAL"

Mike was a cop and Brittany was sexy bunny!

Paul was a convict with a machine gun! Paul tried to sex it up by telling us that his zipper "broke" right before he came over. I think he got about 2 people to actually believe that.

Fink and Seth came as Dr. Pepper and an "Abstract Concept"

Tim was Sherlock Holmes with a pipe and magnifying glass. Genius!

I have amazingly fun co-workers who came to get in on all the action! Clint was a redneck and played the character well. Jacob was an astronaut. I'm glad they could come.

Ticean was a mechanic (although he was going to be an exterminator for "To Kill Ya" bugs and you can guess what was going to be in his spray pack). Amy was a flapper!

What a cute duo! Ciara was Lil Kim and Josh was Bubba Sparxx. I loved this one!

Brittney was a bumblebee and her costume was homeade as well! Great job B!

Mark came as Fun Run Andy from The Office. This was all his idea and I thought he was brillant for it!

Just a few more scenes from the night...

I believe there was a good time had by all! The only thing that could have made it any better would have been if Jon Holcomb could've been there! Don't worry Jon, we haven't forgotten you in big Lexi!


Cameron said...

this looks so fun!! i think josh & ciaara are my favorite!! her nails are SWEET!

Mandy said...

so i found your blog through my friend cameron. looking through your pictures, i found someone else i know who you know also:Emily! i went to college with her! small world, huh?

Maria said...

Wow! Emily is my best friend! She has a blog too ( That is so neat!