Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cleaning Day

So, with my day off, I've been doing some much needed cleaning!
When I worked at Williams-Sonoma, everybody sweared by this stuff called Bar Keeper's Friend.

Everything I've ever found at W-S has a lifetime guarantee and no matter how pricy the stuff is, it's quality stuff and the people know what they're talking about.
I always wanted to get some of this stuff, but I felt silly buying simply a $5 cleaning agent (yes, of course they overpriced it) when the store is full of so many other goodies. Plus, I thought it was something special that W-S ordered in so I never went to look for it elsewhere.
But one day, while in Kroger, I saw a can of it and bought some for myself. Our kitchen sink is white and VERY porous (when I dump out spaghetti sauce it stains the sink) and I figured if it can work on my sink, then I will swear by it.
It does work and I do swear by it. It's great! And a can is only $2-4.

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Patrick said...

I totally had somebody recommend this stuff to me the other day. I looked for it at Lowes but couldn't find it. I will now check out Kroger, thanks to you.