Saturday, June 14, 2008

The World Welcomes Brayden

Brayden Andrew was welcomed into the world today by his mommy and daddy, Ashley and Drew. I worked with Ashley (and Drew) last year at PCA, but have actually known Ashley for quite some time now. I hope Ashley doesn't mind that I'm posting these pictures, but she's way too cute a momma and Brayden's way too cute a baby not to show him off!

Congratulations to the Beckett family and Happy Father's Day Drew. Brayden came just in time!

Visit their website for more updates. I've been following Brayden's incubation and Ashley's journey since he was a tiny peanut and I'm so excited that he's finally here

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Jennifer said...

"Ive been following Braydens incubation" that you wrote that! You are a nut!