Friday, June 13, 2008

...And This One Belongs to the Reds!!!

We had a great time at the game tonight in observance of Daniel's 21st birthday. Not only did Arroyo pitch a good game AND bat 2 for 2 (one of which was a homerun!), but we got to watch only 11 rows behind home plate. Daniel was only 4 rows behind the plate. We had great seats and ate more food than any humans should (it's hard not to when they serve it to you by coming to your seats). Dunn struck out 3 times...typical. Phillips hit a triple with bases loaded (he's my favorite player) and although Griffey didn't get pitched to very much tonight, it was great to see him play. Also, Jay Bruce got a double...he's the real deal! Here's some pics so enjoy!
Griffey at bat
The homerun board proudly displaying Griffey's 600th.
My mom and I at the game
Dad and Dan
My parents after the game.

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