Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good Day for a Sale

Jen and I are currently sitting outside viewing Tates Creek Road and strategizing the best prices for our sale. We have already made close to $50 in our first hour. Yay! Watercolor, here we come! Up above is the picture of the sign that we made to lure our unsuspecting customers to a paradise of gently-used treasures. Come on by and come check out all of our spectacular finds....we even have cookies, brownies, a game of darts and some cornhole.

We're just loads of fun!

UPDATE: We just had a guy who LOVED all of our stuff....especially the lamps! He bought $11 worth of useless stuff. It was all the stuff that we were sure NO ONE would buy (i.e. a whole box of Cuisinart attachments...mind you, there was no Cuisinart to go with it. He also did not appear to be the type who would even OWN a Cuisinart. Interesting....).
UPDATE #2: OK, I am shocked and amazed at what people will buy! We are now at almost $200. Amazing!

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Mrs. Needham said...

okay okay, I can resist no more, email me Jen's address.