Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthday Wishlist continued....

OK, Em and Jen gave me a hard time about my previous birthday wishlist post because it really only gave them one idea and they said now I'll end up with 5 Phillips shirts. So....just for them, I'm adding a few more ideas on here of things that I want.

Seasons 1-4 of One Tree Hill. I've been wanting this for a few years now, but Mark won't listen and buy them for me. You can actually get them fairly cheap on eBay, but still....

North Face Women's Crestone 60 Internal Frame Backpack. Using a duffel bag on our last camping trip just didn't do the trick. I need a good backpack that I'll be able to hike with.
Remember the Titans is my favorite movie and somehow I still don't own it.
I loved this movie and it'd be one I'd like to own.
ANYTHING (and I mean that) that has to do with the Bengals.
Target or Kohl's giftcards. Or just cash. You know I can always find some way to spend it.

There, Em and Jen, are you happy now? There's some extra ideas (and I suppose this will help Mark as well).

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Cameron said...

there are a couple of seasons (1 & 3 i think) available on amazon right now for $23.99 each. spread the word.

also - if you tell people about it, tell them to use my amazon astore to buy things on amazon!!