Monday, June 23, 2008

Carlin's View on Football

As many of you know, the comedian George Carlin passed away yesterday of heart failure. I can't say that I really listened to a lot of his material and I really don't know much about the guy. However, on one of the NFL blogs that I frequent, they had this video posted of him today talking about the differences between baseball and football.

Now, you all know that I LOVE both baseball and football tremendously. I think both are wonderful sports and there truly is nothing like a day at the ball park. But in those few months where the sports overlap, you can be sure that I'm glued to any details about football. Football is my favorite sport and probably will always be. If you haven't been to an NFL game, you haven't experienced the rowdiness and craziness that can only come from avid football fans.

I thought it was funny to hear the differences between the sports. Hope you enjoy!

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mom said...

This is a great routine, but you missed one of George Carlin's best when he talks about "stuff"