Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh, how naive I was

So, for everyone's comical pleasure, I decided I would post an old blog I had written on Myspace 3 years ago. Every once in a while I'll go back and read what I've written in the past (before I had this blog) and I stumbled across one of my writings from April 5, 2005:

"Ok, is anyone else outraged by the price of gas now!...$2.34 a gallon! I mean, come on, I remember back in the day when it was 98 cents a gallon. And that was only about 5 years ago. It's ridiculous, I went to work yesterday and gas was $2.12 which is pretty bad and 3 hours later we went up 22 cents! Alright, I just needed to vent! It makes no sense to me but sadly, I keep pumping all of that gas into my car and burn it all off in a week. We should go back to horse and buggy. Is it killing anybody else? Oh well, that's just life...."

Yeah, what I would give to go back to $2.34 a gallon.
Hopefully 3 years from now I'm not reminiscing on the days of old when gas was only $3.99. Yikes!

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