Tuesday, June 10, 2008

School's Out For the Summer!!!!


Ok, I know. I haven't updated my blog in quite some time. Over the last few weeks I've been without a computer, finishing the school year, Guinness has been at the vet, and our air conditioning has gone out (in quite possibly the hottest week in a LONG time). We've been staying at my parents' house for the better part of the week while we wait for the air conditioning company to make time to come visit us.

I thought I'd get right back into blogging by using the Ten on Tuesday list for the week of "Ten Things that Annoy You about Work". As you know, I LOVE my job! So, I decided to list the 10 things that annoy me about teaching in general:

  1. Ungrateful students
  2. Low pay and long hours
  3. Irresponsible students
  4. Working in a building full of estrogen
  5. Short recess (15 min. is not enough for kids)
  6. Parents who expect you to raise their kids
  7. Parents who critique every thing you do
  8. Insufficient funds to provide my kids the things they need
  9. Losing contact with students who need you the most
  10. Behavior problems in kids

Like I said, I absolutely LOVE my job and LOVE the profession that I chose, so I think it's only fair to add the top 10 reasons I love teaching as well:

  1. Seeing that "ah-ha" moment when a child finally "gets it"
  2. Working with others who are as equally motivated to help kids as you are (teaching because they love it, not just because it's another job)
  3. I get to do what I love every day
  4. Get to love on those students who need you most
  5. You feel like a celebrity when you are out in public and a kid sees you
  6. Teacher Appreciation Week (everyone loves to be appreciated)
  7. Seeing your students succeed and grow up
  8. Opening up a child's eyes and their world
  9. All the hugs!
  10. Finally, 14 weeks of vacation (you had to know I'd say that)

There you have it. I love my job and look forward to it each day. That's not to say I'm not LOVING the start to my summer off! But you can be sure that I'll miss my kids while I lay by the pool. And I'm already planning my next year (hard to believe I'm starting my 3rd year!)

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