Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Are You Planning A Wedding???

I absolutely LOVE wedding planning. I've helped others at weddings in the past in efforts to start planning weddings as a side job. This summer, I am planning two different weddings. Basically, the brides picks out all the stuff she likes and I step in, plan the order of the day, and am there to make sure things run smoothly. However, I can do the majority of the planning if needed as well. It's a great job when you have the summer off and plenty of time to dedicate to planning these weddings.
If you know of anyone who needs help planning a wedding or just needs somewhere there to take the brunt of the questions/stress of the day, please let them know about me! I do not charge a lot since I'm just starting out and am pretty flexible.
Just trying to get the bug out in people's ears...

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