Friday, May 9, 2008

10 Places I'd Love to Travel To

Emily and Cameron have both featured the 10 Things on Tuesday blog and I've been reading it on occasion looking for a topic that really interested me. This week, the topic was "10 Places You’d Love to Travel To (That You Haven’t Gone to Yet)" and seeing that I live to travel, I thought this one was the most appropriate for me. Basically, one of my goals in life is to visit all 50 states and each continent (I'd be alright if I couldn't get to Antarctica) with Mark. But I figured for this blog's sake I'd be a bit more specific. we go (in no particular order).

1. Africa-I am fascinated with the strong, rich culture especially the music and dance. I would love to go on a safari also while there.

2. Spain-I love Spanish culture, but I've only been able to experience South American culture. My brother-in-law went a couple years back and I was so envious of all of his pictures and stories.

3. Hawaii-I think everyone wants to go here at some point or another. I would like to see the black beaches and take a long bike road along the volcano roads.

4. San Francisco-I've always thought the bay looked awfully fun.

5. Israel-I think it would be so exciting to know I was walking down some of the same roads that Christ did thousands of years ago. What could be better than that?

6. Colorado- I want to skiing on the Rockies.

7. Grand Canyon- I want to enjoy the sheer vastness of the canyon.

8. Germany- There is so much history in Germany! I would love to go over and study all of the history. Also, I'd like to be able to say I drove on the Autobahn.

9. Switzerland- My Grandma's side of the family comes from Switzerland. I love to study some of my family history while visiting the Alps!

10. Ireland- Was this a surprise? Hopefully this will happen sooner than later. I just want to rent a car and travel all through the countryside and stay at little bed and breakfasts along the way.

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