Sunday, March 9, 2008

Catching Up on SaTC

Much to Em's pleasure and Mark's chagrin, I have started watching re-runs of Sex and the City on TBS.

I always made myself believe that I would not like the show and that it wasn't my style. Over and over again, I've had people tell me they love the show. A long time ago, I rented the 1st season at Blockbuster. I'll be honest, it was too raunchy for me. However, because my best friend loves it so much, I tried again. Luckily, TBS plays them in order and edits certain things out which makes it easier for me to watch.

Now, I know that when the movie comes out I'm going to have to see it with Em so I figured I might as well catch up. Thanks to DVR (so I can watch it later when I don't have to deal with that awful, judgmental look of disgust from Mark) I am catching up on episodes.

It has been very humorous and I enjoy it. And I'll just say that I love my friends. It reminds me how important it is to have a few girls that you can say anything to and they will love you despite it all.


ktuttle said...

I'm with you - I always thought it would be too much for me, but the TBS version is not bad. I started watching it a year or two ago - the only thing was I felt like I had seen all of the episodes in no time. I think it was like 6 seasons, but there don't seem to be too many episodes???

Cameron said...

omg i love sex and the city!! it is so raunchy, but i just really liked carrie. everything she says and her writing and everything. i just love it!

oh and in response to the comment above...the episodes are so short - only 30 minutes even on dvd. and the seasons are shorter than normal seasons! season 1 only has 12 episodes. seasons 2-4 have 18 episodes each. season 5 has 8 episodes. and season 6 has 20. considering most shows nowadays, even 30 minute shows, have like 24 episodes in a season, HBO is such a rip-off.

oh well, at least they're awesome. i feel the same way about Big Love on HBO. it's so good, you would love it! and Weeds is pretty hilarious, too but that's on showtime.

anyway, there are all my raunchy obsessions - oh and 90210, my new thing. what is wrong with me?

mom said...

oh nooo, tell me it's not sooo!!!

Jennifer said...

your moms comment is too funny. You will have to tell me how it is going. I really want to watch them too, just havent gotten around to it.
PS: I havent talked to you in too long! That does it, Im calling you tonight!