Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's a Bouncing Baby Boy!!!

For quite a while, Mark and I could not decide on a dog that we both liked. We knew we were both "dog people" but we couldn't agree on a type of dog. About 2 years ago, we decided that we both would LOVE to have a bulldog and all of our closest friends know it has been our desire to get an English Bulldog.

As of today, I am happy to present the newest member of the Bennett family....Guinness!

We have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself and as of today Mark and I are proud parents. I am definitely a proud momma!

Guinness has already met both of his Grandmas, his PaPaw Durick, Auntie Em, Uncle Chris, Aunt Jen, and Uncle Jon, and Aunt Darlene.
He was worn out!!!

(His pictures were also sent to Uncle Dan, his other Aunt Jen, and Jordan who couldn't be there to see him personally)


Jennifer said...

I love him already :) Cant watit to see him again. Tallulah has been sad ever since he left.

Brooke said...

He's cute :)

Grandma said...

you didn't tell me I was going to be Grandma to Guinness. I hope he gives you lots of happiness. He's adorable and I can see the family resemblance already.

Grandma said...

PS: I guess I'm really Great Grandma to Guinness, and I'm proud. PPS: I love his name!