Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jon & Kate + 8 + Us + Ft. Wayne Families = Roadtrip

Our long-awaited trip north finally happened last week as Jen, Em, and I went to see Jon & Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate + 8 on TLC at a church in Defiance, OH.

Of course, we couldn't make a trip that far north without visiting the family up in Ft. Wayne, IN. Ft. Wayne is only about an hour from Defiance (a town in the middle of nowhere) so we stopped in to see my Grandma and Grandpa Osborn. We loved seeing them! Then we went to see my Great-Grandma Dorse (the one who turned 100 in December) and she looked great! After that, we went to my Aunt Pam and Uncle Eagle's house (where we were staying for the night) and spent time with Grandma & Grandpa Durick (Grandpa is truly my dad in 25 years) and my cousin Missy. We had dinner, went shopping at Meijer, discussed basketball (UK being better than IU naturally), watched some home videos, and even did some line dancing. That's right, line dancing. I think this was truly the highlight of the evening seeing as Em, Jen, and I learned 2 new dance routines from Pam & Eagle (who are part of a line dancing team).

The next day, we drove to OH (to a church that was reminiscent of early Crossroads), listened to Jon and Kate, and Jen even got to ask them a question. Let me just say that I underestimated them. I knew that I really liked them from the show and I think they are hilarious. But I never realized what a strong family they are and what an amazing faith in God they have. I have a WHOLE new respect for them! On a side note, the church was wonderfully gracious as well.

On the way home, we stopped in Lima to have lunch with my cousin Andrea, her husband Reid, and their still-incubating daughter, Trinity Rose.

Here's some pics from the weekend...

Line dancing

Jen relaxing at Aunt Pam's

Em resting peacefully after a long day of driving and dancing

The Trio in Defiance, OH

Andrea and Reid (and baby Trinity)

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The GCLA said...

Maria? Did the Gosselins make you give them a love offering?

I hope you didnt do that.

They are millionares you know.