Saturday, March 29, 2008

Batters Up!

As soon as Em and I found out that we would have the same spring break, we knew we wanted to go somewhere fun together. We couldn't figure out where we were going to go until a few weeks ago while sitting over dinner at Mi Casita.


I can't think of anything I'd rather do over my spring break then to go watch baseball games on on opening week.

On Monday, we're going to Jacobs Field in Cleveland to watch the Opening Day game between the Indians and White Sox.
Tuesday is an off day so we're going to drive to Chicago and spend the day there. We're going to Wrigley Field (I've never been) on Wednesday to see the Cubs play the Brewers.
We're staying with my brother in Cincinnati and going to watch the Reds and Diamondbacks play at Great American on Thursday. Daniel and Jen are going to come with us and we may even have some others come up to join us on that day.

Overall, I am SO excited to watch baseball over my break with my best friend! We can't wait!

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