Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Photos by M Photography

Back in July, we had our family pictures taken by our longtime friend, Melissa Cooper. We wanted to get some pictures before my brother left to travel the world for a year so we ventured out to the farm where my mom works to snap some photos. Melissa took some outstanding photos and there are so many great ones to choose from, but I am including some of my personal favorites from the day (there's too many for me to load all of them).


The family

My fantastic parents that raised me into who I am today

My brother simply doesn't take a bad picture!

The three most important men in my life.

Now of course you have to a pic of the ladies!

Seriously, could I have married a more adorable man? I'm smitten by him...

This is one of his favorites so I figured I'd include it.

I am so proud and honored to have him as my "little" brother.

We always said we needed to get one of all of us in our Bengals gear. This is what we typically look like on Sundays in September to January. Sundays will be one of the times I will miss my brother the most.

I just love the sky on this one!

And my personal, absolute most favorite........

This sums up my intense and ever-growing love for this incredibly handsome man that made me his bride several years ago. Sure, everyday life gets in the way of our love and respect for one another at times, but this man is my rock and I am forever linked to him. He makes each day special and meaningful for me. I consider myself extremely blessed and I thank God often for such a beautiful, full life that is full of love and joy.

Melissa, you captured our family beautifully! I can't say thank you enough!


Brittany said...

These are awesome!! The last one is my absolute favorite! And I know what you're talking about when having a "little" brother.

Nicole said...

What great photos. I absolutely love the one of you and Mark, such a great photo of the both of you!

Cameron said...

Seriously Maria your family is so cute! I love these pictures!!!

mom said...

Are you and Mark waiting for the circus to arrive?

Maria said...

Thanks ladies for all of the sweet comments! We had a great time taking them together.

Mom- I am ready indeed! Get yer popcorn! We'll be there watching them tonight