Saturday, December 19, 2009

California: Day Two

Our second day was PACKED with things to do! We dropped Amy off at work that day so that we could have the car and cruise through town. We started off the day with a hike in the Hollywood Hills. We went to Runyan Canyon where many celebs bring their dogs to run/walk. While we didn't see any celebs, we saw plenty of beautiful views (well, after the morning smog cleared).
Next, we drove through town to see some of the "sights". We really just had a GPS and were looking for things we'd heard of before. We had no desire to actually get out and see many of the sights. Just simply wanted to drive by them to say we'd seen them. We went by the Chinese Theater, down Sunset Blvd., all throughout Hollywood, and even went over to Beverly Hills. Mark didn't know what the Beverly Hills Hotel was or why it was significant, but I took a picture anyway.
After we got back, Mark and I took the bikes to the beach. This later turned out to be my favorite thing to do each day. The ride is no more than 10 minutes and I would just load up the bike with my purse, a good book, and a towel to go read on the beach for hours.

But on this day, Mark and I rode a few miles on the beach past the Santa Monica pier and then came back to Erdinger to sit on the beach and have a beer and lunch. The service was horrible, but as can be imagined, the beer was delicious. The company wasn't too bad either.

I then had to hurry home because a year and a half ago, when I finished the Twilight series, I got Amy hooked on them. Well, the week we were at in CA happened to coincide with the premiere of New Moon. Amy's friend Lindsay is a HUGE fan and has her own website. In fact, US Weekly had named it in their favorite Twilight sites that week. If you are a Twilight fan, you can check it out here.

Lindsay, Me, Amy, and Jasmine

So, that night, we went to the red carpet premiere in Westwood. We didn't see the movie or anything, but got to see all the stars. Below are the pics (if you care). While this was an amazing treat for me, I have to say that going to a red carpet premiere PERIOD was pretty awesome!
My camera is not so great...

Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart

Taylor Lautner

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