Saturday, December 19, 2009

California: Day One

So, I decided that I wanted to add my pics from California because I literally had the time of my life and I just needed a way to catalog all of my memories. So, here goes...

We left EARLY Sunday morning from Cincinnati, which landed us in LA around 10:45 in the morning. That left us with plenty of day left to explore. Daniel and I went to LA years ago, but actually didn't spend a whole lot of time there. Mark had never been at all. It was great to experience it from a local's point of view. Ticean (Mark's brother) and his wife, Amy, let us unpack at their place and then we headed out to the weekly farmer's market to get lunch.

Under recommendation of Ticean and Amy, we got these GIGANTIC burritos. They had homemade sausage (ours was a chicken and shrimp sausage) and these burritos had everything imaginable in them (even french fries). Mark wouldn't share, so I had to get my own, which I put a tiny dent in. Daniel finished the rest for me. It was literally one of the yummiest things I've ever eaten though (and I'm sure it was because it was so good and not just that the airline pretzels let me starving)!

Next, we headed out to walk all along Venice Beach (just blocks from the house). We checked out an awesome skatepark where kindergarten children were just putting everyone to shame.

Then we just enjoyed the warm weather and breeze off of the ocean. Daniel checked out some awesome shades while on the beach (there were TONS of vendors), but decided on a more tasteful pair.

We were so tired from the flight and the day of walking between the Venice pier and Santa Monica pier that we had to go back and take a nap around 3, but finished off the night with dinner at the house.

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