Saturday, December 19, 2009

California: Day Three & Four

The love of my life
As I said before, I spend most of my days on the beach reading....and I see nothing wrong with that! I read The Hunger Games and it's sequel Catching Fire thanks to Amy. I absolutely loved them. They were an easy read and were exactly what I was looking for in a good read for vacation. Plus, anything's easy to read when you're sitting next to this...

My view as I biked to the beach

One of the big events for us took place on Wednesday. Since Daniel works for WCPO in Cincinnati, he was able to get us VIP tickets to the Ellen show. It was either that or Jimmy Kimmel Live, but because they knew I'd rather see Ellen, Daniel and Mark graciously agreed to go with me!
It was so neat to see the taping of a show and I had a blast. She is so funny and so kind. We got to see Simon Baker from The Mentalist, Leona Lewis perform, and Andre Agassi (biggest highlight for me). We got a free Leona Lewis cd and Andre Agassi's new book. They also came up and gave us shirts from the show since we were VIP. Despite looking like a couple together, I think Daniel and Mark had a good time and even danced a bit. We were dead center and you could see both of them on tv several times, but I was too short to be seen.

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