Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Women's Weekend Pt. 3- "I'm on a boat!"

This year, we had to go see the S.S. Paradise before E got married so we loaded up all of our gear the weekend before the wedding and headed out to see our true love. This year, we had Erica join in as the 4th in our Trio (it works) as we took to the open waters!

We did however make a tiny pit stop at the original KFC's Sander's Cafe. We grabbed a full bucket of chicken with all the sides to take onto our vessel. It was delicious, the water was cold but great, and the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky (which means we all lathered on the sunscreen to prevent sunburns or tan lines right before the wedding!).

The Colonel and I spending some quality time together

Me and Erica at the historic landmark sign.
NOTE: Check out how sneaky that little step is that I'm on.
It may or may not have resulted in me falling into the sign.

My favorite girls

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