Tuesday, July 7, 2009

April-Bachelorette Party

No excuse for how lazy I've been, just haven't had time to blog. But I thought I'd highlight the last few months since SO MUCH has happened!

I'll start with E's bachelorette party. I planned a trip to Cincy because it's her favorite city and I centered our trip around a Reds game (because my girl loves her Redlegs). We enjoyed a Reds-Braves game (even though they lost) and a night at Hofbrauhaus and Jefferson Hall for some fine dancing. Here's just a few pics from the night.

Our bride-to-be.
I made the shirt and Erica made the hat.

Allie, Erica, and Em

Jen, Diva B, MJ, and me
taking the bus over to the game

All of us with Mr. Redlegs

Em brought us all gift bags and in them, we each got a gorgeous ring!
Here they are in all their glory. Note that E's shines the brightest!

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