Tuesday, March 3, 2009

6 Down, 4 To Go!

As you may or may not know, I have been growing my hair out since late May. Mark was relentlessly trying to get me to grow my hair in a competition with him (I think he just wanted an excuse to grow his hair out with me completely on board). I resisted it for a long time for 2 reasons: I do not like my hair long and I'm not a fan of Mark's hair long.

Last year, my grandma beat cancer herself and it was a very difficult battle. This (& my grandpa's battle) were the 1st times cancer had really hit home with me. After my grandma's recovery, I decided that I would jump on board with Mark to grow my hair out to donate to cancer patients in need of a wig throughout their treatments. I figured that God blessed me with health now so it would be a great way to give back to others. Therefore, I resisted the urge to get my hair cut and have been solely trimming my hair since.

Well, for the fire department, Mark had to cut his hair short (which made me very happy!). However, I decided to keep going. I had already put a few months into it and I figured if nothing else that it would be long for me to do something fun with it at Em's wedding in June.

It is now driving me CRAZY!!! I so badly want to cut it all back to how it used to look. My hair is incredibly thick so it's really heavy and it's not much fun to straighten on a daily basis.

A few weeks ago I went to get my hair trimmed by the lovely Sara Drury. She infomed me that I'm at about 6 inches with about 4 or 5 more to go! Halfway there!!! I wanted to be able to cut it off this summer, but it doesn't look like that will happen.

Here's my progress thus far:

March 2008
(my last big haircut)

September 2008

January 2009
(A little hard to see and my hair's a little wavy,
but it's the only picture where all of my hair is in the picture)
***Note how long Em's hair is now too!***

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