Saturday, February 21, 2009

I think this is really fabulous!

If you are in the education field at all or have heard me talk about (big issue for me), you know that the education system in our country has some major issues, one of which is the education budget. I have serious grievances with the education cuts right now. I understand that we're going through an economical hardship, but I think that by cutting funds for our schools we are doing our students a huge disservice now and in the future.

If you are unaware, Kentucky cut the education funding 7% right before this year. Around Christmas time, we learned our budget had to cut another 4%. Now we have learned there will be an even greater cut after this year. We're talking 12% now. To see the numbers, click here. The county I teach in alone will have a shortfall of millions of dollars. This all results in loss of teachers, loss of extra services for students (extra math and reading instruction as well as summer school), fewer opportunities for Professional Development (now we only get one day), a mass conservation of energy (this is a good thing, but it's caused us to have to eat in the cafeteria with no lights on), and a $0 budget for new computers (I'm on the technology committee and we have the lovely task of purchasing new computers schoolwide with absolutely no money to do it with). These is not just projected results, these are things I have seen in the last year in my own school and county.

The schools are hurting. I think this is a wonderful idea! You should definitely check it out. Every little bit helps.

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