Monday, January 19, 2009

New Additions

On some of my snow days and cold days off I've been enjoying time with Mark and we've been fixing the house to the best of our ability. On one of the days, after enjoying a yummy Thai lunch, Mark and I browsed some of the local stores. I love Twisted Twigs, which just so happens to be just a couple blocks from our house, and I seem to always find something fun in the store. I was taking a couple watches there to have the batteries switched out when Mark spotted a sign for our house. We couldn't decide if we liked it best in our bedroom or kitchen (since both have a black and white theme), but we decided on the kitchen/dining area.
I love it and it's the perfect daily reminder for my life.

Mark and I also tried on a few pairs of glasses while in the store. So becoming on us!
Mark and I also ended up rearranging both the front living room and the back dining room that day which included not only moving a piano and couch (multiple times each), but also purchasing and assembling a new TV stand. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of these.

Finally, on Thursday Mark called me at work and told me he'd gotten me a small gift, but he wasn't sure if I'd like it. I assured him I would no matter how cheesy it was. I came home to this:

I know that last year I blogged that I'd gotten a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas. That wasn't entirely true. Mark gave me most of the money to buy one so I was all prepared to go pick out the one I wanted. Without getting into details, we needed the money for other things so my Kitchen Aid was not purchased. I never forgot it, but wasn't getting too hopeful for a new one.

Mark knows that if there's extra money I don't like to spend it on myself. Therefore, he purchased it with some money he'd been saving secretly for a while, and he had it waiting for me when we got home!!!!

I've already mixed everything in my house and looking for more! I'm happy as a clam thanks to my wonderfully thoughtful husband!


Nicole said...

I LOVE the mixer!!! It was great seeing you guys this weekend!

Mrs. Needham said...

Good job Mark!!!!
that's so awesome.

Brooke said...

Love the mixer :)

Terri T said...

I have been craving this mixer for quite sometime too...but I can't seem to muster up the energy to spend so much $ on it....keep me informed as to whether or not you use it a lot!!!