Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas in Ft. Wayne

After enjoying many Christmas festivities as well as a small New Years get-together at our house on New Years Eve with some of our favorite people, Mark and I traveled with the family up to Fort Wayne to celebrate one last Christmas.

This year was particularly fun for me because there were lots of babies around this year. The new addition this year was my cousin Andrea and husband Reid's new baby girl, Trinity. I've blogged about her before, but she has grown so much since then and she really is a doll baby. I got to spend plenty of time fulfilling my baby bug need by playing with quite possibly the sweetest baby. Trinity is so well-mannered! She'd just sit there on your lap chewing her fingers and giggling. She was so much fun to love on. I've included some pictures.

Mark with Trinity. This picture cracks me up!

Just chewing on those fingers!

Trinity with Grandma (her Great-Grandma)

All that partying caught up to her. Her head literally fell forward and stayed just as it is.

This year I made gifts for Taylor and Kayla. Since my camera was MIA until right before we left for Indiana I was not able to get any close up pictures of the gifts, but I do have a picture that I took of the girls holding their gifts. I got the idea from Jen. It's simply wooden letters from Michaels with scrapbook paper cut out with many layers of Modge Podge. Taylor has a striped letter and Kayla has flowers. They were a hit!
This was my first Christmas without Grandma Dorse. It felt very surreal for me that she wasn't there, but I made sure to bring chocolate covered cherries in her honor. Someone has to carry on the tradition!

That evening we went over to visit and celebrate with the Durick side of the family. Nick and Stacey brought over Jonny and he was tons of fun! He is getting so BIG! We'd love to see him become a linesman for the Bengals because they could definitely use him (probably as is), but I think his parents would prefer the Colts.

Hard to see but it's Nick, Matt, Stacey, Melissa, Jonny, and Londa

Jonny takes after me in the fact that he can't resist pushing buttons. We heard "Silent Night" played by this bear quite a bit.

Daniel and Grandpa who seems to have a headache from too many Duricks in a room at one time (we set the number over the top by being there)

Too goofy!

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