Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving List

At my parents' house, we wrote down a list of 20 things we were thankful for. Then we cut them into strips, placed them in a basket, and passed it around the table taking turns to read what everyone was thankful for this year. There were a lot of repeats in there. I really enjoyed getting to hear what everyone is thankful for and I think that it's important that we take the time to really appreciate everything that God has given us. I'm including my list on here (in no particular order) to the best of my memory.
  1. Mark- He is my best friend and the light of my life!
  2. Mom- She is a constant support and is always there for me to talk to.
  3. Dad- He was the 1st man in my life and he is such an encouragement to me.
  4. Jen- I love that Daniel has met her. She fits in so well with our family.
  5. Daniel- I am most thankful for how far Daniel has come in the last year. God is continually working on his heart and he is turning into the man we knew he could be...a man after God's heart.
  6. Answered prayers.
  7. A God that is ever-faithful and graceful. His unconditional love amazes me each day when I realize how unworthy I am to receive it.
  8. That Grandma Osborn and Grandpa Durick are now cancer-free.
  9. My job- I love my students, my co-workers, and the fact that everyday I know I'm getting to do something that I love.
  10. Em and Jen- I would be so lost without them. They are my favorites!
  11. Guinness- He's such a goof, but he is so loyal and loving. I couldn't ask for a better dog!
  12. Crossroads in Georgetown- I love the smaller community and that's it's so close to home.
  13. That Mark has a job that he enjoys and that he's been able to start working towards the career of his choice.
  14. Freedom of religion
  15. Education- As difficult as it is, I am grateful that I am able to go back for my Masters.
  16. Bengals football- Without it, what would we do on Sundays???
  17. Friends- I have some of the best friends that anyone could ever ask for.
  18. That I am never in need- God is too good!
  19. In-laws that I love and I know they love me back
  20. The fact that I have been blessed with so much and that I have the ability to give back to others physicially and emotionally.

Some others mentioned that I can't claim were:

  • Heat and energy- People are working so hard to provide us the easy conveniences that we take for granted everyday such as heating, central air, refrigerators, microwaves, electricity, etc.
  • The fact that I was born fully healthy both physically and mentally. I think this hit me so hard since I work with so many students who were not.
  • Food. We ate and will continue to eat a ton this week. So many don't have that luxury.
  • Music.
  • All 5 senses. I can't imagine life without just one of them.
  • The simple pleasures in life such as doughnuts (that one was Mark's)
  • Not having to work on Black Friday

I have so much to be thankful for and I think so often we forget to say "thank you". We also forget that we are blessed on a daily basis. At church in Cincy last week they talked about how we live in a "culture of forgetfulness". Gas is down under $2.00, but you don't see that all over the news like you do when it reaches $4.00. Too often we focus on the bad rather than stopping to be grateful.

OK, that's as deep as I'll get for a while.

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