Friday, November 14, 2008

Grandma Dorse

Yesterday morning we lost my great grandma. She passed peacefully in her sleep and I am so happy for her, but of course, I already miss her so much! Grandma Dorse was the most resilient person I've ever known and she had the sharpest memory of anyone I've met anywhere close to her age (did I mention she was going to be 101 years old next month???).

She lived such a long and full life and I loved listening to her recall memories such as when she and her friends made scarves for WWI soldiers who rode in the train past her house. Or when I heard her tell about how she and my great grandpa used to go dancing all the time. Or when I asked her what her favorite decade was (since she'd lived through 10 of them) and she told me all about the fun she had in the '40s.

I think about how lucky I am that I was able to enjoy 24 years with my grandma when many people never even meet their great grandparents. When I think back on all the years, I can remember the landmark birthday parties, decorative buttons, deviled eggs, cards in the mail (somehow she actually found cards that were for "Great Granddaughters"), chocolate covered cherries, Spam for Christmas, the number 17, crocheted afghans, and most importantly, rolls of pennies!

I hope that I am able to portray to my kids what an amazing lady my great-grandma was. It's also my wish that my own kids are able to have just as many valuable years with their own great grandparents.

I Love You and Miss You Grandma Dorse!!!


daniel said...

well said

Mrs. Needham said...

How wonderful to have all of those memories, but none the less I'm sorry for the loss.