Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February Book Review: The Fred Factor

I'm trying to alternate between books for enjoyment and books for "education" each month, so this month's book was a book that I have had on my bookshelf for almost 2 years now.  I read The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn.  I have started it more than once and I got distracted (not bored) away from finishing it.  This is an EXTREMELY easy read, and I generally read a chapter a night before bed.

Now, I will not say that anything in this book just blew me out of the water, but it was all excellent reminders on how to bring passion into your life whether it be at work, home, or throughout your daily encounters.  The whole book centers around (and is titled from) Fred the Postman.  Fred goes above and beyond his daily duties and is in turn able to find true fulfillment in a job that others could find mundane.  As I said, nothing truly extraordinary, but that is also what makes it a great read...everything in this book is incredibly do-able in everyday life.

Key Takeaways for Me:

  • Served as a reminder that life is all about relationships.  We can add value to people's life with our words and actions and it doesn't have to cost us a penny.  Every person we come into contact with in a day was not an accident.  We have the chance to make or break their day.
  • We are in control of our actions and attitudes.  There are SO many elements in our life that we cannot control: our job, other people's actions, lack of finances, traffic, whatever.  The one thing we are in control of is how we handle those situations.  And people are definitely watching our reactions.
  • The book spent some time discussing how to create other "Freds" around you.  As an aspiring leader, this got my interest as I am always looking for ways to not only improve what I do, but to help others around me become greater as well. 
  • The author spends time talking about how the original "Fred" is truly Christ.  We can look to Him for direction on our actions.  Again, this is nothing new, but a great reminder.  When I'm down in the dumps or needing a change of attitude, Christ is the ultimate example in putting others first and finding passion in life.

Next on the book list: Something Borrowed and to be really honest, probably something else since this is so short and honestly more of a guilty pleasure book.

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mom said...

Hey I read this book several years ago when it first came out. I loved it! Fred reminded me of your Dad. Fred has such a wonderful attitude and outlook on life. A great reminder for all of us to live with purpose daily.