Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wedding Coming Soon...

This weekend, since Em was feeling on the up and up, we were able to work on some of the wedding stuff. The project of the day was to prepare the centerpieces for the tables as much as possible.

Em is using glass jars that she got off and filling them with all sorts of stuff. We had a little hot tub party for all the jars as we waited for most of the adhesive and labels to get soft. We transported, soaked, peeled, organized, and prepped 57 glass jars yesterday.

Here is a preview of what one may see at the wedding.

The bride-to-be hard at work!

On a side note, my dress is paid for in full and I am awaiting it's arrival in the next couple weeks. I can't wait to see how good they look!

47 days and counting...

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