Friday, October 10, 2008

Twilight Trailer

Here's the newly released Twilight trailer. If you have read the books, check it out, but if you're in the process of reading the 1st one (Jen), don't watch it until you finish the 1st book.

Can't wait!
Thanks to those of you who completely hooked me to this series (Cameron & Brooke) I am now done with all of the books!

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Cameron said...

let's talk about how i am not excited at all about the movie. i think it looks like everything i was scared the book was going to be when i first heard about it. i'm just afraid they're going to make it some stupid teeny-bopper 12-year old thing. and that guy is NOT cute at all. so not edward.

of course i will be seeing it, possibly at midnight because i have to have an opinion.