Friday, October 10, 2008

Someone You Should Know........Chris Hurst

So, this is only my 2nd installment of "Someone You Should Know", but I've known who this would be about for far too long (I just couldn't sit down long enough to write it).

I truly consider Chris to be part of my family. I think to fully understand why I love Chris, we have to start at the beginning.

Chris was the first friend I was introduced to when I started dating Mark. Chris came to meet us at Common Grounds (our favorite hangout) and I immediately loved Chris. I have always said he is the most genuine person I know. What you see is what you get. Chris embraced me from the beginning as part of Mark's life.

I watched Chris as he tried to figure out what he wanted to do with his life and I remember the day he called Mark to say he'd joined the army. I was obviously nervous for him, but anxious to see how he would do. I remember as Chris got through 2 years of college, some time in Korea, and was then accepted to West Point. While this has proved to be a little difficult later, I am so proud of his decision to stick it out in the army and proud to know that someone like Chris is working to make our country's armed forces even better.

I don't believe Chris has even intentionally tried to hurt anyone. Chris has a way of putting a smile on your face no matter what. It is literally impossible to stay upset with him. He loves music and rock climbing, so he always keeps Mark happy! I couldn't think of a better best friend for Mark to have and I will always appreciate him for what he means to me and Mark.

With that being said, imagine my joy when MY best friend started showing interest in Chris. I mean, how could she not? And, to top that off, Chris became very interested in Em. How could he not? With a little prompting and coaxing, Em and Chris started their own little budding relationship. It was almost too good to be true. They fit together perfectly from the beginning and I knew it had to work out (I also knew that if it didn't, it would be very awkward when we all hung out).

Luckily, it did work out! Chris and Em stayed together through all of the distance (Chris in New York and Em in Bowling Green and now Lexington). He is the perfect addition to her life and it works out so nicely for Mark and I as well. We are able to double date all the time and while Mark and Chris do their thing, Em and I can do ours.

Our excitement increased in February 2008 when Chris proposed to Em in Philly. I cannot wait until June 5th when they will finally say their "I dos".

Like I said before, Chris is family to me. I could not pick a better best friend for Mark. I could not pick a better best friend and soulmate for Em.

So, if you don't already know him....

Chris Hurst is someone you should know!

Anyone agree?


Cameron said...

i totally agree. chris is fabulous. i'm very excited about him & emily!!!

Cameron said...

you should post more of these. i like them! post one about emily!