Monday, July 21, 2008

Trinity Rose

As I mentioned months ago, my cousin, Andrea, and her husband were expecting. Well, Trinity Rose has arrived. Actually, this is a little late in posting because I have been on vacation.

Trinity had a very rough start to life. After delivery, she heart rate dropped and CPR was performed before she even got out her first little breath. She went 21 minutes without breathing on her own before God finally allowed her to breath on her own! She was rushed to the Columbus Children's Hospital. Amazingly, she didn't display any of the problems that most newborns do when going that long on oxygen. She was held for many more tests, monitoring, and lessons on how to eat (she had some trouble at the beginning). After 13 days and 2000 miles traveled by Andrea and Reid, Trinity was able to come home last Sunday.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting our little miracle baby! She is an absolutely doll and she is the most cuddly little girl. She is very alert and is doing very well! Here's some more pictures of my mom and Andrea holding her.

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