Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bengals Are In Town

Yesterday, the Bengals had their 1st two practices here in town. While I didn't go to the morning practice (I'm still enjoying sleeping in during this last week of summer), I did go to the evening practice. My parents came up with Darlene and we ate at my favorite mexican restaurant, Mi Casita, before walking up to camp.

Everyone was there with the exception of Keith Rivers (contract negotiations) and Antwan Odom (sprained foot in 1st practice). Contrary to some belief, Chad was there but was not actually in uniform because of his ankle. I even got to see Jordan Palmer (Carson's baby bro) who looks, stands, and throws just like Carson.

My opinion of people to watch this year:
Joseph is going to be a great help in the defense, rookie WR Jerome Simpson and WR Marcus Maxwell (I really like him for some reason), Rudi looked great (he's bulked up, hamstring is healed, and he REALLY worked on his legs in the offseason), and the defense in general under Zimmer's leadership.
Chad and Joseph talking to new defense coach, Mike Zimmer
Dad, Mom, and Darlene all showing their true colors: orange and black
(We're slowly pulling Darlene over to the dark side)
Offensive play (you can see Housh closest to the camera on the left side of the picture)

I plan on going back to watch tomorrow night's practice as well if anyone wants to join me!

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