Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Look Back at 2010

As I look back on the year, I see some very significant (and not so significant) things that I got to experience this year that were unique to 2010. This really isn't for anybody else other my own self-reflection.

So many of my friends had major milestones this year (new marriage, new birth, new home) and I started to think how dim my year looked compared to theirs. But reflecting on my year made me realize that it really was a big year for me and there were so many things that I did this year that were milestones in their own way for me. I got to enjoy those milestones with my friends and family, but was able to create some new adventures for myself this year. There were some difficult spots throughout the year (goodbyes especially), but overall the past year was absolutely awesome! Here's a look at my 2010:

  • Cut the majority of gluten out of our diets
  • Went to see my very first NHL game in Nashville
  • Spent my spring break visiting Colorado Springs for the first time
  • Joined a CSA and had a blast with it!
  • Coordinated two weddings for couples in our small group
  • Celebrated the birth of many new babies in our lives....we have two BEAUTIFUL new neices and a handsome, first baby from our Smallies group
  • Experienced post-season baseball firsthand when the Reds played the Phillies in their first playoff appearance in 15 years!
  • Had to say goodbye to a dear friend for a year when he went to Iraq
  • Had to say goodbye to my brother for a year when he went to spread God's love all over the world
  • Celebrated turning 26 years old with good friends and family
  • Watched Mark crush his past record in the Firefighter's Combat Challenge
  • Made two trips down to Alabama to watch football games
  • Refinanced our house
  • Celebrated 6 wonderful years of marriage with my best friend
  • Went back to grad school while Mark went to school for both of his Firefighter Certifications
  • Visited the Football Hall of Fame....and loved it!
  • Suffered through the Bengals season
  • Watched the World Equestrian Games and all of the fanfare that came with it come and go
  • Skiied with some of my favorite women for several days

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